Neil Rohit Mallinar

UC San Diego. Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute.

Currently seeking an office :)

10100 Hopkins Dr

San Diego, CA 92093

I’m pursuing my PhD at UC San Diego, advised by Misha Belkin.

I am broadly interested in problems of representation learning, and understanding what it means to learn “good” representations.

In doing so I have been looking into the relationship between pre-training and continual / transfer learning in deep neural networks, and specifically the role of over-parameterization and interpolation in these areas.

Additionally, I’m interested in studying how finite-width networks and their corresponding infinite-width limits behave in the aforementioned settings.

my life in four days

Sep 28, 2020 Started my PhD at UC San Diego
Aug 1, 2019 Joined Pryon Inc in Brooklyn
Aug 23, 2016 Moved to New York, started at IBM Watson
May 18, 2016 Got my Bachelor’s from Johns Hopkins University


selected publications

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